Testimonials - 3

Our organization has been in business for 11 years, we began using eNotes 4 years ago when we realized it was just wasn’t possible to continue maintaining paper records.


The standards for maintaining paper records is quite long after discharge and we were running out of storage and paying for off-site storage. eNotes has enabled us to upload charts and shred the paper version saving us a tremendous amount of space.


In addition to space, our staff has found it to be far more efficient than paper. There is ease of access for staff; the entire program works together. The scheduling system lets the staff know what notes they have due, note entries let the staff know how many authorized units are remaining, notes are then submitted and can be billed with a push of a few buttons.


We have staff that work remotely so they are not required to come into the office to turn in billing.


Overall, we have been very happy with the program and the support that comes with it.


Lynn Hammontree, Finance Director

Carolina Center For Counseling & Clinical Services


Surescripts Certified