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Do I have to purchase expensive computer equipment?

You do not need any specialized equipment to get started. If you can access the internet you can use eNotes. You may also opt to use your own server. eMed Solutions will help you with specifications so you can acquire the most approriate and cost effective server for your company’s needs.

My staff is not very computer literate. Will that be a problem?

The software is very simple to use, most users will be very comfortable with it within a few days of using it. We will hold your hands till you ask us to let go – you will never be alone when using eNotes!

Where is my data kept? Is it safe? Will we also need to keep printed notes?

Data is stored on our server (using the hosted option) or at your location (using the in-house option). In either case data is backed up daily, by you or us. It is always available and safe, no client has ever lost data using eNotes. Paper notes are not required, unless you require them for specific regulatory or audit purposes.

Is there any additional fees to send claims to Medicaid, Medicare, BCBS or other payors? Do you charge based on collections?

No! You can send any number of claims to any payor at no charge.

Is eNotes affordable? We are just starting out and cannot afford anything very expensive.

eNotes fees are based on the number of users with some monthly minimums. We will work hard to ensure that we earn your business without emptying your pockets. Since eNotes will automate a lot of your business processes (such as billing, payment posting, time tracking etc) you may realize some savings on reduced need for other software or services. We have had clients that started with eNotes with as little as four employees and seen them grow to five offces across the state. We have grown with them.

We are currenlty using another software product. Can our existing data be transferred to eNotes?

Client demographics can be transferred if it is available in an electronic format. Transactional data such as claims and payment data are not transferred due to the significant differences that may exist between other systems and eNotes.

Is it HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Access to eNotes is secure and controlled. Only authenticated users can access the software, and then too they can only perform functions they are specifically authorized to do. Data transmitted between the client’s PC and the server is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This ensures that it is always safe, even if intercepted.

How soon can we start?

We thought you’d never ask! You can start within a day of making the decision to use eNotes.

What type of contract do you require? Are we locked in for the long term?

The contract is a simple one page document that clearly depicts what you pay and what you can expect from eNotes. There is absolutely no obligation to use eNotes for any length of time. We want you to stay because you will receive a great product with excellent support. The first client to use eNotes 12 years ago is still a client, as are clients from 11, 10 and 9 years ago.

Do You Interface To NC HealthConnex?

Yes, eNotes is amongst the first EHRs to feed data to NC HealthConnex.