eNotes eNotes® is a leading Electronic Health Records (EHR) software for the Mental & Behavioral Health Industry. It is easy to learn, simple to use, always accessible, and can dramatically improve the experience of documenting and billing mental health encounters.

Whether you are just starting out in mental health or an established business with several hundred employees let eMed Solutions show you how to become more efficient and improve productivity through the use of technology.

Millions of Americans of all ages seek mental health treatment every year. However, access to care is becoming an increasing challenge for many. Not only are the providers of services working at maximum capacity, the cost of care continues to rise, while payments fail to keep up.

Never has there been a more important time to implement operational efficiencies within your organization, including understanding how investment in a technology infrastructure can have a dramatic positive impact on the quality of care, productivity and cost.

We recognize that technology is only part of the solution. This is why eNotes is backed by an absolute commitment to customer service. You need to know that you are in excellent hands when you use the software, and you will receive support from someone knowledgeable in your business, and that the product will keep up with changes in state regulations and your needs as you grow.

Once you subscribe to eNotes you receive all its features from electronic claims, payment and eligibility processing to electronic prescribing. There is no piece-meal or by the module pricing. We are confident that you will enjoy using the software for all its features, and because of the value it will add to your business. Therefore there are no long term contracts and no opt out fees.

Welcome and we hope this web site will provide you with enough information to make an informed decision.


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